I never realized that being at a conference with Phil would also be the week my book went up on Kindle. I mentioned it was on my flash-drive. He said, ‘Why wait?’ He was so right. This multi-talented man helped four of us get our books on Kindle with a minimum of effort on his part and ours. I would call him a genius with a ‘can do now’ approach to living. Phil, you’re the man. Many thanks.

If not for Phil, I would still be editing my book until it was ‘perfect’ before even looking into Kindle. Phil said, ‘You’ll be editing it the rest of your life. Get it up on Kindle now, and you can still continue editing it.’ We did and I am. Thank you, Phil.

Phil made uploading my Kindle book fun and easy by…being the experienced guide that knew the answer to each of my questions. He gave me his confidence and zeal. What a gift. Thanks, Phil. You made the difference!

Phil helped me gain momentum around completing and marketing my Kindle book by his ‘let’s do it now’ belief and practice. My book just needed minimal tweaking to make it Kindle ready. Phil had done his homework and now my book is selling. You have made all the difference, Phil. My deepest thanks.

What I like most about working with Phil is his ‘let’s do it now’ approach with full confidence. He didn’t do it all for me, just enough to simplify what might have looked like an impossible maze to me. Phil knows his subject before he teaches it or coaches you in it. I felt like I was in the hands of a master and I believe I was. Thank you, Phil.

If you’re considering having Phil help you, do it now! I say that because that is Phil’s approach to life: why keep putting if off when you can do it now. You will be amazed at how this guide will cut through the ‘red tape’ that would have been a hopeless obstacle to some of us. This gentle, happy, brilliant man is so good at what he does, he makes you look and feel good about yourself. I know of none better. Do it now!

Dick Dalton, Ph.D., Jefferson City, Missouri, Author of I Am NOT My Thoughts: Mastering Your Memes & Turning the Tables on Mental Slavery


Since I worked with Phil, I have completed three books and an audio CD set, all of which I had been putting off and not completing, as well as launching a new business and expanding my career exponentially.  

I can’t tell you how valuable it is to learn how to complete things in your life. It has changed my life. I consider Phil to be a Genius Completer.

Phil helped me in a loving way to see where I was stopping myself from completion and what my fears were, and assisted me in directly facing into those in such a way that I was easefully able to move into completions in a whole new way.

Thank you, Phil.

Megan Sillito, Author of Power of Living Genius & Companion Journal, Life Coach, Salt Lake City, Utah


In 5 days, I completed 95% of the content!

Phil has a unique gift of completion. I found that when I spent time with Phil in his home, my ability to complete a book I had wanted to write accelerated at a rapid rate and easefully came to fruition.

Phil seemed to effortlessly hold the space for my writing voice to emerge and gave me concrete assistance on how to put that voice on paper.

Kim Kirchhoff, Author of Choosing Life, Middle School Counselor, Ithaca, New York


Completion was not a ‘nose to the grindstone’ experience like it normally is for me. Things seemed to complete themselves. Phil makes everything so easy!

I noticed how we would flow from one completion to the next effortlessly. Everything seemed to intertwine. For example, my son started out being very critical (a typical teenager). Phil gave him a homework assignment to be a critic (reporter) for the day and come back with a report at the end. We recorded his critic report in Phil’s studio and took home a CD of our work together. I was amazed at my son’s creativity and how the assignment shifted our energies.

Phil lives and works in a beautiful home, too. My advice … Go to Southern Oregon to complete with Phil! You will complete what you set out to do and have a blast.  

Also, ask him to share with you his wonderful recording technology and how it complements any writing that you are doing.  

I look forward to going again and again!

Linda Marinovich, Author of Movement Activities & Breathing Observations & Conscious Kids Curriculum, Detroit, MI


Phil abounds in creative ideas.  Phil does his work as if it were a playful thing. Phil has a streamlined approach and seems very organized, so he delivers on time, and stays very focused. It is a pleasure to work with Phil because he exudes clarity and positivity.

I always feel empowered and creative in his presence and when I work with him. Phil gets the job done and achieves results. His true Genius is to combine inspiration and new ideas, with being on target and manifesting what he says he will do/create. It is this unique combination which is so deeply satisfying.

Margot Anand – Best-Selling Author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic, and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy


I experience Phil’s Genius akin to a playful breeze that both clears the air and stirs up essence. He sweeps the extraneous aside by focusing on and drawing out what is at the core of a process, a concept, an interaction or a vision. I think he must have a resident genie who creates beautiful graphics, practical transformation processes and workshop outlines while Phil sleeps. I have an entire folder on my computer labeled ‘Phil’s Latest Creative Output.’ Some people are considered spatially adept – Phil is a spatial Genius. He sees the cosmic dance of possibilities and brings them into form so that regular folk can use them to create more thriving lives.

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., A.D.T.R. – Best-Selling Author with husband, Dr. Gay Hendricks, of Lasting Love, Conscious Loving, and The Conscious Heart


I see Phil’s Genius in: a) Recognizing great ideas whose time has come and then putting wheels under them and b) An essentially selfless nature that also tends to seduce others into their own passion for the possible!

Jean Houston, Ph.D. – Best-Selling Author of Passion for the Possible, A Mythic Life, and Jump Time


Phil directed the flow to manifesting my vision of a meditation CD over a three-day intensive. He brought a great depth of detail, feedback and professionalism to the final product. Intensive, fun and profoundly rewarding!  

I have also had the distinct honor to co-create another project with Phil.  It was the #1 requested show on local cable TV for three years in a row.  I appreciate his creative eye for detail and his uncanny ‘knowingness’ in putting a distinctive flare to the integrity of presentation in a way that captures all audiences. Well done, well done!”

Nancy Jo Fitzgerald, Los Angeles, CA, Integrated Transformation Practitioner & Shinpinden Reiki Master Teacher, Los Angeles, California

With nearly 30 years of administrative experiences — as a teacher, coordinator, director, dean and CEO — in four occupational-technical college systems, I’ve never had the experience to work with one at Phil’s level of professional integrity. -Bill Verbeck, Reno, NV

What I liked most is Phil’s flexibility to move away from the agenda and focus on questions attendees had. I appreciate his ability and willingness to be open, present and flexible to the interests and needs of those in attendance. Because of this, I would take another one of his courses and recommend his workshops to others. -Susan Zeiter, Reno, NV

By far one of the BEST online courses I have ever taken. I only wish I would have had this valuable info sooner. -L-Ikera Retzloff, Clark County Law Foundation, Las Vegas, NV

The greatest benefits were working at my own pace on my own schedule is paramount in my busy life. I stalled out completely during my daughters’ basketball finals and picked up on it again when things settled down. -Paula Watt, Product Development Professional, Ashtabula, OH

What I like most is the convenience of working from home at your own pace. This is especially important to me because I have a toddler at home that keeps me busy along with my 13 year old. -Monica Dodd-Gray, North Las Vegas, NV

You must take it! One of the best courses I have taken in delivering what it promised. Phil is an excellent teacher. -Cathy Norris, Lake Tahoe

The greatest benefit was working at my own pace. My schedule varies and is hectic and I could fit in my course work according to my ever changing schedule. -Virginia Streit, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you very much for teaching such an informative (and easy to take) online class. -Wendy Mason, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Thanks for your input and the great course. -Terry Cook, SAFD, Inc, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

I downloaded and read it in less than hour. Phil has shared an invaluable blueprint that some online marketers would charge hundreds of dollars for. He includes resources you won’t have to spend time looking for. Get this now if you ever even had a fleeting notion of writing a book… -Jeannie A.

This was a groundbreaking book…a sweet, quick read with crucial information that I will put to use on my next book and on the books I am helping two colleagues write this summer. Thanks to the author for speeding up the writing process in ways I never could have imagined. I love that this makes book writing accessible to many more people. -Keely Meagan

Phil’s book evoked possibility, took the overwhelm out of a process I believed had to take years and was practical. And like all good storytellers, he left crumbs to follow should I get lost. -Mary Bryan

Brilliant!!!!! – Joseph Galata

Great strategies to get your book out of your head and online in a day. There are many easy to follow, practical tips in this book that you can implement right away. I read it in 45 minutes and am now creating some of my own 1-hour Kindle books. -John Maguire

Author Phil Johncock is my go-to person for actually accomplishing what I need and want to do. To have him bring his knowledge to a process that makes it easy to get work written and out into the world has been a game-changer for me. I’m grateful and encouraged, and hope others will be emboldened to gather their wisdom treasures and present them clearly and easily as their Letters to the World. Thank you, Phil. -Peggy Rubin

Have a book in you but don’t know where to start? Hate to write longhand or type? Phil Johncock outlines a tried and true method for getting that book out of your head and into the Kindle Short Reads market. Clear, concise, with all the details you need to get that book inside out to its audience. Highly recommend! -Marie Glenn

Phil is Brilliant! I am fascinated, inspired and ready to write. The book is well written, easy to follow and inspirational. I recommend reading this especially if you have ever had an inkling to write. -Lisa A. Rizzoli

Excellent proven method to inspire the author within to jump into action and actually share their stories. This book shows you not only exactly how to write and publish your book but also how to embrace the entire process so one can enjoy and complete it! -Linda Marinovich

I have admired Phil since I first read Dream Making to Billions late in my career (2004) and used it to train grant department interns and new employees at the Grants Department of CJE. I’ve enjoyed his workshops and webinars and taken away nuggets of wisdom that helped me to be more successful in my career. -Doris Jean Ann Heroff, GPC

Great webinar series! It is worth every penny.” -Catherine High, GPC

I’ve attended many classes and meetings where you put it all back on the students to lead the course. I think you guys did a fabulous job. I think the way you guys laid out the course was great. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you so much. -Theresa, GPC

I really liked the organization. The online format was very helpful and easy to use. -Lisa, GPC

I do a lot of WebEx-types of web-conferencing. I was really impressed with the interactive abilities on this webinar series: 1) when we went into breakout rooms and 2) when we were able to come back and discuss things. I had much more contact with others involved than normal in a WebEx situation. -Linda, GPC

What I liked most about this webinar series is that I can take the course online and can participate from across the country. I like the technology. I liked that I received one-on-one feedback…. -Kelly, GPC

I liked the professionalism. This is really a top notch class. I really enjoyed the gruop participation and the breakout rooms. -Fern, GPC

What surprised me most was that it was a web-based environment which was brand new for me. Yet, I felt that we gelled as a group. There was a community that took place via this technology. That was fun. -Rosemary, GPC

What surprised me are all the things said about the experience and sense of community but also the fact that you were able to manage the technology and bring all the screens together, to identify the individuals in spit of the fact that it was not face-to-face. -Sylvia

Phil is the consummate professional: as a teacher, an administrator, and as a webinar facilitator. He definitely knows how to bring out the best in people through his exemplary facilitation skills. Finally, Phil is very down-to-earth, personable, and generous. He is a stellar and brilliant man with high standards and endless energy.-Bentonne Snay, GPC

An awesome professionalism and great vision coupled with a knack for working on the edge of the possibilities of new technologies. I am impressed by Phil’s ability to see what’s next and create opportunities to get there. -Adriano Pianesi, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Phil Johncock is a unique education expert who possesses the rare skills and talents to bring high quality learning to diverse audiences, from the illiterate to the highly skilled. Phil’s commitment to the art of teaching and his clear understanding of a variety of effective delivery strategies makes him invaluable. Phil runs with a concept and builds award-winning educational programs. -Mike Rainey – Dean, Workforce Development & Continuing Education | Truckee Meadows Community College