How to Tap Your Own "Genius of  Completion" WEBINAR

You, too, can harness the power of "completion" & "genius" to fuel your creative projects!

For your projects to be successful & sustainable, a strong "genius of the follow-through" helps!

Case Study: Publishing 11 Books In 3 Months

Thursday, August 24

12:00 PM Pacific Time

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There is tremendous energy hidden in “open loops” of unfinished business, incomplete relationships, cluttered physical surroundings, drained financial affairs, projects unfinished, agreements broken, dreams thwarted. “Close these loops,” and you release this pent up energy to fuel your creative projects. In this webinar, you will learn how to close these loops!

In this webinar, you will also discover 4 categories of interruptions and how to complete them, 5 tips for impeccable agreements, how to determine your most important next step towards completing your BIG projects and how to create your own Genius Team using the 4 D's of decision-making.

Apply completion skills using a case study of publishing 11 books in 3 months of 2017 (January-March) and a proven "completion" system for writing/publishing your book using a Genius Team!

Phil Johncock

​​Award-Winning Educator, Author & Coach

​​Phil draws from over 40 years as an innovative educator to over 5,000 students in North America and online, author of 22 books and coach to top executives in US & Mexico.

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